Never-ending project

Wery close to getting her on the road. Only wating for the MOT and I can finally drive to the sunset after over 3 years of building and restoring her. :joy:


It will all be worthwhile once you have that first drive. The feeling will last forever.


Well done mate, looking great.

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Thank you Joe90 and Spurman. The Forum has been very helpfull and I’m thankful to all in here with shared information and knowledge with these cars. :sunglasses: Especially to Joe90 and his great cameraman. :pray:

Let us all know how it feels when you drive it, like many its a job to remember what driving one is like. Car looks really good, more photo’s from other angles please, good luck with the MOT test although from what can be seen in the photo you should not need it.

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Gorgeous one… will be worth the blood, sweat, and tears as they say.

Like I told my wife a while back… If it takes time to get back on the road, at least it’ll look good while grounded.

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LOL given the time and money one has to put into these your lucky to STILL have a wife


Nice one, enjoy it, and use it, they hate sitting around and doing nothing

@kiwia Truth… lol Ironically, this is a joint project with my wife as it is one of her favorite cars…so I lucked out. We’ve spent hours watching @Joe90 's videos together and she has been super eager to do work on it together! :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s from a showroom. Cleeeeeean.

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Well everything else was ok but failed with emissions at MOT​:man_facepalming: Co2 and HCppm are high on idle. Have to change new sparkblugs and pcv valve if that helps and check all vacuum hoses and boost pipes for leaks. But driving it after so long time was pure joy and excitement​:heart_eyes: It pulls so good and the amount of grip in corners is just so good. I’ll never sell this car that’s for sure :joy:

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Looks fantastic. You done a great job. I hope to get mine back on the road next year