Need Help With Door Wiring Harness Connector Disassembly

Hi everybody! My name is Cosmic, I’m from Montana. I’ve got a 1995 Base model.
My problem is that my driver door wiring harness has one cut wire and one wire that was so corroded it broke off at the waterproof gromet. I need help with how to disassemble the harness connector so I can crimp on some new wires and maybe replace the corroded pins. One wire is brown and the other wire is brown with a white stripe. I’m not even entirely sure what these wires are for either. I’ve been trying to find anything on how to disassemble the door harness plug but I cant seem to find anything and I don’t want to break it obviously. The plug is black with orange on the inside.

Disassembly is pretty straight forward, though if you want an honest answer on the easiest way to get to it to repair it, its going to require taking the fender off. With the fender off you can unplug it from the door, and get yourself some excess to have some room to work.

After that its just depinning and getting the weather pack pulled back to get it out.