Need help finding the rear window trim for 3000GT

Can you let me know where you bought the upper trim with with windshield wiper sprayer and lower trim with new clips, thx

It’s this video you made Mitsubishi 3000gt / GTO Rear Tailgate Glass Trim Removal - YouTube

Not sure if its oem or a replica but the oem ones are long discontinued. She sells the window weather-strips as well.

The link is not working for me.


Part number for that should be MR645169 but as Ian said its looking like it is discontinued and unavailable.

Ok, thx. Hope I can find one somewhere. What about the lower one at the bottom of window.

she is currently selling a bundle for both door weatherstrips plus the wear upper trim you are looking for, for 200 dollars. Message her on facebook.

Also cherry hill mitsubishi does sell the oem weatherstrips last time I checked. But for both oem ones you are looking to spend over 500 dollars for them if i recall. Ive purchased the replica weatherstrips and they work and look just fine.