Na gto values please

Morning, I was involved in an accident this morning my car will be written off, but I intend to buy back and repair, can anyone give me ideas of value of mk1 manual na 4wd 4ws cars please in fair condition with 130000 miles ish on them

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Sorry to hear that! Are you ok?

Sorry to hear that too, 2.5k - 3k in my opinion !

I’m ok thank you for asking the car I believe it’s repairable, insurance will write it off, here are some pictures of her after wards

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ooh dear… That rear wheel and suspension have taken a bashing… Better hope that the damage has not gone and wrecked havoc in the rear steering and the rear differential.

Hopefully not we will see next week when I take a look at it

Just having my Red one done after being attcked by Welsh car part van and it’s Auto and N/A 1993 . Hit in rear drivers side quarter and side as yours. No damage to rear steering and bodywork coming to £820 plus reset of SRS sensor and I would expect £2500 to £3000 when finished and sparkling . Insurer happy with that via Adrian Flux at moment for the two.