N/A Flywheel same on a GTO as a 3000GT?

I need a new flywheel for my 1991 N/A Z16 GTO. The part number I’ve got from ASA is MD179750 which I think is replaced by MD179751 on newer models but still compatible.

I’ve found this on eBay for cheap:

Its Mitsubishi part number is MD159876 and I’m wondering if anyone can tell me whether it will fit?

I doubt it - the 3000GT N/A in the US market was FWD as far as I’m aware so this as far as I can tell makes the clutch and flywheel assembly different.

Thanks James, completely slipped my mind, I think you’re right unfortunately.

If it is anything like the AWD vs FWD Eclipse, which it should be since the transmissions are based on the same thing, the clutch is the same, the flywheel is different.

Thinking about it I decided to look it up. It appears I am correct. The clutch (at least the pressure plate) part numbers interchange, but the flywheels do not.

whats up with yours joe…cant you get it resurfaced?

I got the clutch done at a garage about a year and a half ago. I got a second-hand but practically new clutch out of a running N/A. They complained that my flywheel was scorched and that even if they got it resurfaced the hot spots would remain. They had the same comment about the flywheel from the donor car that came with the clutch I bought.