My 1998 UK 3000GT Project

Hi all,

This is my '98 UK 3000GT project, it has stood unused since 2013 (photo below of how the car was when I got it). I bought the car off a colleague last year for the princely sum of £500. With 144k miles on the clock, it would arguably make a better parts car than project, but it’s a very original car and I think that would be real shame. It runs and drives and its my intention to get it back on the road again. There’s a fair to do list which includes:
*Complete brake overhaul (including new pipes and caliper refurb)
*Fuel pipes
*Windscreen (replacement sourced but needs fitting)
*Some welding required
*Service (all filters, fluids etc.)
*Cambelt, water pump etc. (the belt hasn’t done many miles, but is about 10 years old)
*General tidy up (there’s a fair bit of surface rust underneath)
*Refurb the front active aero system as it’s stuck (the previous owner assured me it worked when parked up)
*Reluctance to start sometimes (I’m hoping it’s just old fuel as it’s from 2013, but that might be wishful thinking)

I’m currently in the throes of moving house, so the project has been on the backburner for a while. Fortunately the house I’m moving to has a garage, a luxury I haven’t had before, so if all goes to plan, I’ll be able to make a proper start soon. I expect it to be a fair while before she’s ready for an MoT, I’m aiming for summer 2021 but summer 2022 might be more realistic!

If anyone knows of any meets in the South West (I’m currently in Gloucestershire, moving to North Somerset) I’d love to meet up with some fellow owners at some point.

I also just wanted the say a big thanks to Joe! The videos and this forum are a really valuable resource and will no doubt come in very useful in the coming months.



You cant go far wrong for 500 quid mate. Hope you get it up and running soon.

Hi matt.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing the pictures. You really have your work cut out there but it should be worth it in the end. Keep us up to date with the progress and check out the Joes Gems section for big savings on parts which are only available to forum members.

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Congratulations Matt, a real bargain UK cars are getting hard to find at sensible money, the interior looks excellent which is a real plus, best of luck with your on going restoration

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Enjoy the daily passion of restoring your care it is quite rewarding. I can’t wait to see it finished the way you enjoy

Thanks folks, I’ve definitely got quite a lot of work ahead of me. I’ll try to remember to post progress updates as I go along, although I won’t be able to start for a month or two yet.

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