My 1998 MK3 GTO SR

Hi guys, just washed my GTO and thought Id take a picture or two of it put on the forum. Take care!

I can only upload one image at the moment (new user).


Hi mate , the car looks really good.

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Not a fan of the mk2 & mk3 myself but that’s looking good. Thanks for joining the forum.

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Hi Lee nice ‘mk3’ :thinking:
Bit rude really Joe, not sure about introducing myself and my MK3 now.

We all have our favourites. After all you prefer the m3 to mk1. They are all part of the same family at the end of the day. I showed mine now you have to show yours.

When did I say that? I’ve had 5 gtos all different mk’s and like them all…

And it’s a MK3 not MK2 ?

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Now I have been told. Thanks for the correction. I was trying to catch up with as many posts and messages as possible and didn’t pay proper attention. No offence was meant against any model. That’s the second time this week that I have been corrected. I will try harder in future.

I’m not sure about this forum, I don’t particularly like the manner of your replies, I thought this was going to be different from what I had read so far.

I hope this isn’t full of egos like other clubs.

Anyway will post my car when & if I’m ready.

Thanks for explaining yourself Joe.

Hello mate, look forward to seeing your GTO(s) when you are ready to post! Cheers Lee


This is nice Lee :+1:

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Cheers mate MK3 club it is then, yeh it’s pink :rofl:


Looking very nice!! I can never decide if I prefer red or silver…think I’m gonna just go with 50/50.:grinning:

That is sexy… What color did you paint it?

Mitsubishi made 3 generations of 3000GT’s, the first made up to 1993 had pop up lights. Second made from 94-98 had mantis eyes like yours and lees. Last generation was only 1999, the head lights and side marker lights were merged into a big “one piece” appearanced headlight. Here’s my 1999 so you can see


Incorrect that’s a mk4 my friend

Red again, tho I prefer black myself.

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I used to have a black MK3…


Now that is looking hot!

So I got mk1’s pop up lights and mk4. What’s the difference between mk2 & mk3? What years separate them?

Depends how you look at this really, mitz defined it in years.
1990/93 MK1 pop ups
1994/97 MK2 with the same rear active spoiler, different lights.

1997 to 2000 MK3
However 2 changes here so we call them MK3/4

MK3 rear hoop spoiler, different bumper smother,door cards changed.

Mk4 combat wing spoiler, bug headlights and again bumper, changed LCD heating panel to Fto style.

However UK 3000gt only has 2 versions MK1/2

Not sure about USA ones and that Dodgy a
Stealth thing is another story.

People call then all sorts of things all I over the world,o can see yours has a hoop spoiler on a mk4.

None of the info is correct always online, so many slight alterations through the years.

In 1992 miz started using MK2 engines in the MK1, in 1996 they made a few mk3s as we call them, 97 changed the LCD to the fto one on the MK4

Minefield tbh, but you got Joe here to put you straight :+1: