Moving car with no transfer case

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if I would risk damaging any thing or if the car will still even move without the transfer case? All I want to do is pull it out of my garage and park it. I don’t see why it would be a problem…but I don’t really know for sure either.


You could damage the VCU. Moving it that way is essentially the same as moving it with a stripped output shaft.

Yeah I wasn’t sure how that would react with no load on it. Like I get driving it at high speeds would fry it, because the two half would be spinning at different speeds but essentially I wouldnt even imagine I’d hit a 1000 rpm and it be running for a matter of mins…but at the same time it be just my luck something would happen to it.

do you need to start the engine for such a short distance ? can you borrow any dollies/trollies etc

I ended up just leaving the case on and moving it. The whole point was im trying to switch a case from one car to another and was trying to free up my lift to do so, but since it’s easy enough to do I just left the section of my exhaust off moved it and got the front up on stands high enough for me to get under it once I have the other case ready to swap out.

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I once for tried to move mine without the transfer case, the car wouldn’t move