Moon Roof from a 92 mk1

doing a clearout in the sheds and got for grabs a moon roof from a mk1 would like get 50 for it
collection from Southampton

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Is it still for sale ?

morning sorry to keep you waiting
i still got it for the minute but somebody asked me if i can keep it for him till thursday
do you mind me letting you know on friday op he took it or not
regards Michal

morning the other buyer back out
the moon roof is still available if you are still interested
fill free to contact me froo PM on my mob no or whatsapp 07830203098
regards Michal

@Smilegto If you were still interested?

Thanks but I’ve literally just sent it into a specialist to have fixed up in Leeds.
Says he can keep it all original for me.

Is this still available at all

unfortunately mate sold it