Mk2 TT 6 speed gearbox

Mk2 6 speed gearbox if anyone has one. Obviously needs to be economically viable rather than have mine rebuilt.
Ideally Manchester area.

What are the issues with your current box?

Depending on this it may be cheaper to repair as even second hand boxes go for >£1000 as they don’t come up for sale very often.

It’s crunching trying to get it in second gear.
Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to get in to first gear also.

This is common on the 6 speed - does it get better as the box gets warm?

It maybe the case that you can get a new set of Synchros for the 1/2 gear and you’re done - these are available for reasonable money.

Personally I would still get a specialist to tear the box down to diagnose the issue and then make a decision. Any second hand 6 speed could come with a similar issue.

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You’re spot on, it does get slightly better once warm.

In that case try an oil change first and get some gearbox additive to see if that helps first.


Also might be worth noting that keeping your original gearbox keeps value to your car since it’s a matching number part to your motor and car. If you ever decide to sell, collectors markets usually pay more for a car that’s motor and transmutation [gearbox] are original to the car.

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