Mk2 headlights faded

Hi has anyone attempted to open up and re spray the insert on a set of mk2 headlights
Mine have faded and really let down the look of the car?
Many thanks

If the outer case is glass this is easily doable. I did it on my car when it was painted blue the first time.

If the outer case is lean then it’s not easy. The best course to correct the fading there is to buff the outside.

The insert has turned pink the glass is clean on the outside

My car was the same when I got it. I took the lamp pod out, put it in the oven at 130 I think for a few minutes to soften the sealing between glass and pod then carefully separated the two pieces. Once separated I used colour magic to rejuvenate the coloured part, my car is red too, it came up like new. Put pod back in oven to soften the black sealant then put the two parts back together. You could use a suitable glass sealer if you wish. Hope this helps.