Mk1 twin turbo project car

Thinking of selling my gto project .it’s a mk1 twin turbo ,bought it as a runner and drove it into my garage to strip and rebuild .just not got the time anymore for it and need the space in my garage .cars stripped just now and I’ve been collecting parts to rebuild .just changed the plugs and painted the engine covers, new gaskets and high temp thermostat .refurber the front active aero as was a set of mk2 calipers and fitted new seals and painted them cars got mk2 on the front just now but I’ve I’ve full set to swap front and rears .rear and front bumper in primer good set of wings to fit in primer. Exhaust system is stainless from cat back .set of dare alloys on it . Interior stripped all standard door cards and rear cards the vinyl is blown .dash out just now .got new selector forks for moonroof ,new door window seals ,rear hatch seal,bonnet lifters .Good set of snake eyes.ive deleted the aircon.full fmic set up .kawanga turbos but standards on just now .new rad to fit .needs a couple patches welded underneath at usual corner sections one front one rear .wont drive out as I had to cut the fuel line at the filter as nut was siezed when I went to fit new filter so needs a new line run from tank.was a long term project for me but I’ve got to free up space looking for 4k ovno if anyone’s interested. Please note i wont be selling parts seperate as its taken me some time to collect them to build the car , its a package deal. Location ,motherwell ,lanarkshire ,scotland


guys any interest in this project before i consider breaking it ? shame as its a moonroof version not many about . its sitting stripped in my garage ready to be painted and rebuilt . ive just not got the funds and time to get stuck into it .

thanks scott

Hi mate,

Have you stripped this thing already? Depending on what condition the car is in, I may be able to buy it from you.

My only gripe is that I live in Greater Manchester and towing it would cost me a fortune.


Yea ive stripped most of it .still got the wheels on so it can roll .if i can make a temporary fuel line it will drive but id need to refit the dash again .i can price transport as i know a couple of guys.

update on my car i still have it for sale ,comes with everything i have for the build ,side skirts are still off as cars sitting ready to paint ,bumpers are primed and good wings on it now ,good working pop up mecs with led upgrade headlights .car needs 4 corners welded with a small plate section at usual areas. brakes are in place but no rear discs or shoes and no pads on front . ran the new fuel line from pump to new filter so cars running again but ive not ran it long as needs an engine flush before new coolant put in . new radiator fitted and thermostat, new plugs and gaskets also fitted . still to fit aircon delete belt but have that in sale . car is in scotland price is 3.5k no offers as owes me more

Cars still for sale guys if anyone’s looking for a project .ive now done engine and coolant flush and new oil.and coolant in and got it running.its still sitting stripped ready for painting tho and no brakes but drivable onto a low loader .

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Hi Bigshed, Is the car still available? if so, you mind sending me a spec sheet or what it has and whats missing? also your price?

Just sold car a few weeks ago mate sorry