Mitsubishi gto in original state

Hi to everyone,do you know someone who wishes to sell a 1st generation gto in original state if it can be. I have a friend who really wants to buy one. He is a gto fan :slight_smile: .
Thanks in advance.

I have a rock solid original silver one that I may be willing to part with for the right price but shipping may be a problem if not in the UK.

How much you want joe? for the shipping my friend will arrange with a dealer. You have any pics?

How much would he be willing to pay for a almost stock GTO with 90.000 miles, where the only things that have been changed are the suspension as those ecs ones are a nightmare to source… Otherwise the car is completely stock

I need to ask him, do you have any pics? And important that it is rust free. The price depends on the condition of the car. :slight_smile:

And btw it needs to be a twin turbo model coz i didnt mention before.

I have a 1991 3000gt vr4 with 131,000 miles is let go for $25,000 plus shipping from San Francisco. Manza red. It’s Completely stock except the wheels. I’ve got the original Mitsubishi pics that goes between the taillights and the original break lights too.

Hi thanks for your interest, but my friend wants a right hand drive. :slight_smile:

A few pictures of mine, a 1991 GTO twin turbo in very good working order, but it aint going for cheap

How much you want for the car? So i can tell him, and how many miles does it have? Thanks

90.000 miles, and I dont really want to sell it, but if offers over €35,000 come along, then I will consider it.

Lol its ok, but my friend dont have that kind of Money, thanks anyway.

Then he should not be looking or wanting these cars… That is a good advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol its true i told him to prepare the wallet to be empty.