Mitsubishi Auction 3000gt

Anyone thinking of going for this?


OMG Its in beautiful condition, If I had the funds I would, I’d be very curious to know what it goes for …

Can’t imagine that it will sell within the price range for the mortal man. It will be interesting to see the final price as this may set a new benchmark price for these underpriced cars.

Current bid :heart_eyes::flushed:

It’s beautiful isn’t it Mitsubishi are selling there uk collection

Holy Moly, That’s way out of the ball park of what I thought it would go for, And it’s not over yet,
Wow :astonished:

Its high when you can see in the close up pics there is bubbling under the paint and rust underneath.

If it was a mk2/mk3/mk4 then sure… but a mk1?

I know it has a bit of mitsubishi history but honestly that’s not worth much…

The real point is the UK spec MK1 is a very rare car as not many were sold. It also has the number plate and the prestige of being a Mitsubishi car. The is worth what someone is prepared to pay - I hope it’s sold to a car enthusiast who takes it out to shows. Will be interested to see where it ends up.

Oh definitely I mean its nice, especially inside but not mint considering its been stored by mitsubishi and looked after by them.

I hope it goes for 30k but I wouldn’t put my own money there.

From what I can see , the mk1 and mk4 are the most sought after at the moment. Mk1 prices are rising steadily, especially for good ones. Check out prices outside the UK .

So, winning bid was £24500. Worth every penny that!

I was expecting a bit more !

I thought it might break 30k , although it will probably cost the new owner 27k with auction fees.

some of us do have the funds to get what we want but it is not me. I’ll have to stick with refurbishing and part shopping. Somehow it is very satisfying…

I agree , I wasn’t suggesting it was a snip, most of us can’t afford to spend that sort of money on a classic car and like you said part of the fun is in the project and putting your own stamp on it.

Amazes me how much these cars have gone up in price, specifically the VR4s… I sold mine about 15yrs ago, in perfect condition with 50k miles for $6k :frowning: