Missfire 1993 stealth turbo

Hello all my name is:maxime
I have a: stealth turbo
It has the following issue:i did my hydraulic lifter and sparks plug. i put evryting back togheter but when i started the car it sounded like it was runnig on 5 cylinder. i tried all my sparks plug and they all fire.the timing was on point and still is. im lost, its my first time working on that car and i dont know where to searsh

:here a link to a video i did that demonstrate the missfire

ps sorry for my english

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Did you check that each of the lifters will compress fully before fitting. If the lifter is not operating properly, the valve will not fully close and will sound as if the engine is running rough.

thanks you for the advise i was able to find the issue. it was one of the rocker that had not been put correctly, now my car sound brand new !

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