MFI relay issue

Hello all my name is Michelle, picked up a dodge stealth es Saturday, we knew it had a cutting out issue, It would cut out just at idle after getting a bit warmer, put my data logger on it showed 3 faults stored. Fitted a known good maf this improved the cutting out at idle issue, drove it 6 miles then it started cutting out again, it has had an ecu rebuild. Had the car recovered home, have now fitted a new ptu, new spark plugs and new ht leads, also have fitted new coils from my gto. This hasn’t solved the issue. There is lots of clicking from the mfi relay, so I have swapped that with the one in my gto, again it has improved the issue but it is still cutting out. Is there another earth im missing? Only things not replaced is the TPS, it has new temperature sensors, and new iac. Does anyone have anymore ideas, definitely seems electrical in nature. I am going to plug my logger in again tomorrow, when it cuts out there is a click from the mfi relay

This is only one possible cause that I have come across a number of times. Monitor your fuel pressure at the engine end. I have had a number of these cars with pumps that stop working after they get warm and then work again when cooled down. It is easy and cheap to just check the fuel pressure is not dropping off.

Thanks joe trouble is it seems to do it while driving not while idling now, wondering if it could be the ecu? Was going to swap it out for my ecu as we know mine is ok

Your ecu is probably still faulty, go find another one.

I did it was the ecu causing it