Message for patreons 3rd July 21

This message is just for patreons.
Please log in to your patreon page. I have just sent you the links for some new videos.
There is also a link for a video which is exclusive to patreons. Some of you may have already seen the extra video but I wanted to make sure that the new patrons received it.
Thank you for your support.

Hi Joe, so I down loaded the Patreon app and found you but it’s asking me to be a paid member? I am a paid member already and just wanted to know if I’m doing something wrong?

Have you logged in? It will prompt you to join if you are not logged in.

Think I got it, had to log out, then when I logged back in it sent me a verification email so now it looks like I’m in on the app!

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Hi Joe, just received my crank pulley! You are awesome! Mine went out on me last summer and I talked to you about finding one and you had mention this harmonic balancer was in the works! It took me about a week to find a used one and it’s working great, but it’s also 30 years old so it’s good to have this one as a spare! Thanks Joe for all you do!


Thanks Larry.
There is a category on the forum (aftermarket product reviews) where you can write a review on aftermarket products. I would appreciate your review.