MB629139 Stereo display goes black

Hello guys, has any of you who had the stereo with bar graph, eventually going dead just like it happens to the AC control display? In that case, anyone where able to fix it? Or has a copy of the stereo diagram (inside) I know it might be difficult, but it worth to ask.
I bought one from ebay, it came from us, adapted on my 1995, changing the sockets and removing the amplifier under the passenger seat. It worked pretty well for two weeks, yesterday, when started the car, the display just don’t lit up no more.
I’m opening and trying to spot any leaking capacitor, but there are just so many that would take several hours to replace all of it.

After installing, ok…

Now, once the color display died, trying to repair it.

Thanks in advance for any tip!

Well, good news from my stereo! Just found the problem, and it appears to be a bad soldering at the “shielded” circuit underneath the radio to the ground, I’m not sure what is inside it, probably some sort of driver for the display.

By the way, since I’m only use the radio and the aux port, I’ll not putting back the tape deck neither the card who proccess the signal from the tape.

Somehow, I believe that once all the components are quite old, some of them might fail soon or later, causing damage to the whole system. I’ll test afterwards and update the progress.

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Hi, just as promised, giving the final feedback and correcting my previous assumption, there are no way to have the stereo fully working with the parts I mention before, I couldn’t be able to change the radio stations. So, ignore the previous idea of removing the tape deck and the board connected to it. Nevertheless, everything is working fine again.


Great work, I wouldn’t know where to start!

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