Manuals - Stealth + 3000GT / GTO

3000gt 90-91 Electrical.pdf (16.3 MB)
3000gt Chassis 92-96.pdf (58.8 MB)
3000gt Electrical 92-96.pdf (35.9 MB)
3000gt_90-91_Chassis.pdf (68.8 MB)
Auto Trans.PDF (11.1 MB)
clutch-operation.pdf (1.4 MB)
course-guide.pdf (35.3 KB)
Dodge Stealth 92 - 94 Body & Chassis.pdf (81.6MB)
Dodge Stealth 92-94 Electrical.pdf (27.3 MB)
ENGINE.pdf (17.7 MB)
front-wheel-drive-shift-controls.pdf (6.9 MB)
introduction-to-the-manual-transmission.pdf (596.8 KB)
Manual Trans.pdf (9.2 MB)
precision-measurements.pdf (1.2 MB)
Stealth Tech Info Manual.pdf (8.7 MB)
transaxle-and-differential-operation.pdf (11.5 MB)
transmission-fundamentals.pdf (14.6 MB)


Some links I’ve found useful in the past.

Illustrated parts catalogue:

How-tos and other useful info (there’s quite a few broken links on the site, but there’s still some good stuff):

Thank you for contributing!

I have complete mechanical and electrical service manuals that mitsubishi sent to mitsubishi service departments. P.m. me if you need a copy. They are pdf format.

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