Manuals - Stealth + 3000GT / GTO

3000gt 90-91 Electrical.pdf (16.3 MB)
3000gt Chassis 92-96.pdf (58.8 MB)
3000gt Electrical 92-96.pdf (35.9 MB)
3000gt_90-91_Chassis.pdf (68.8 MB)
Auto Trans.PDF (11.1 MB)
clutch-operation.pdf (1.4 MB)
course-guide.pdf (35.3 KB)
Dodge Stealth 92 - 94 Body & Chassis.pdf (81.6MB)
Dodge Stealth 92-94 Electrical.pdf (27.3 MB)
ENGINE.pdf (17.7 MB)
front-wheel-drive-shift-controls.pdf (6.9 MB)
introduction-to-the-manual-transmission.pdf (596.8 KB)
Manual Trans.pdf (9.2 MB)
precision-measurements.pdf (1.2 MB)
Stealth Tech Info Manual.pdf (8.7 MB)
transaxle-and-differential-operation.pdf (11.5 MB)
transmission-fundamentals.pdf (14.6 MB)


Some links I’ve found useful in the past.

Illustrated parts catalogue:

How-tos and other useful info (there’s quite a few broken links on the site, but there’s still some good stuff):


Thank you for contributing!

I have complete mechanical and electrical service manuals that mitsubishi sent to mitsubishi service departments. P.m. me if you need a copy. They are pdf format.

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YOu’re a star! Are they for RHD or LHD? ive been sent a few for LHD but seems that some grounding locations and wiring are different?

I belive its left hand, but right hand should, in theory, be simular, differences being what’s on one side shifts to the other side of the center of car. You should still be able to use the manual as a guide.

Once you know what to look for, the location of grounding is really not important. They key is knowing what things look like when identifying components and where things are in relation to them.

So, I’ve stumbled across this app and it has 1991-1996 service manual for Mitsubishi 3000gt and 1994 dodge stealth amongst other great stuff. In your app store search 3s/ gto

Are these different to the ones listed above.

There’s the ones listed above and then there’s the ones for stealth, and other generations listed

Need one for 1999 SL. Swapping the engine and doing timing belt and water pump.

I don’t have any for a 99, but it souks be very simular to previous years. As far as torq specs and the like, you can find almost all information you need at the forums of or even by asking for help in the troubleshooting section of this forum. Perhaps you’ll even find somebody who has the manual your looking for. Good luck.

Were you successful in finding the manual for the 1999?

Not specifically, but I used 3SG - Technical Reference Manuals to get it done.