Lowering the drivers seat

Hello from Florida, USA.
We have a pair of beautiful 99 VR-4’s here that have a factory sunroof. The issue is, there is very little headroom in them and we’d like to lower the driver side seat(s) in them if possible in both cars. Has anyone ever done this, and if so, how? I thought I saw an email where Joe said he was in the process of producing a video on this very topic…but I don’t recall where I saw that note. Can anyone help? I thought he said something about “reversing the seat tracks”? Does that sound right?
Thanks so much guys!

Hi Rick
I forgot all about that video because I have been so busy. I will try to get that one knocked out this weekend.

For a very long time I have slightly different project in my head.
I am looking to replace passenger seat with American/European driver’s
Does anybody know how to find one already in UK?
I also have a spare UK driver seat if person wants swap

Interested in this too

I feel like a real arse. I pulled a seat on Saturday to do the seat adjustment video and found that I may have made a mistake. I had previously done the conversion on my own GT SL seat but I am now wondering if the seat had previously been set higher. This high setting allowed me to adjust the seat to be lower. It could be that there is more than one type of seat mechanism or that some seats were set on the high setting and others on the low. I really don’t know what the answer is any more so I have dropped the video for now and I am just going to post a couple of pictures to see what the feedback is.

If you set the seat to its highest position and then remove the seat. Look at this bracket underneath.
If the bracket is the same way round as this picture, you will be able to lower the seat by turning the bracket so that it looks like picture2.

If the bracket looks like this with the seat fully raised, it will not be able to go any lower by adjusting the bracket.

Please let me know if your bracket looks any different. Maybe the north American models are different, I cant remember now.

Hello Joe, thank you for responding. I was searching all weekend for the video and unable to find it, so I was desperately waiting to hear back on your forum. Glad to see this note from you!

Ok, now my question: Will this work on a power driver side seat? The reason I’m asking is because I went ahead and pulled the driver side seat out of 1 of my 99 VR-4’s (since I hadn’t heard back from you) and figured let me take a quick look… when I removed it, I noticed the power seat tracks are fairly complicated/elaborate. I didn’t see a way to “reverse” the seat track in any way…and I didn’t see any way of adjusting it. I’m now looking at your pictures and I don’t believe my power seat (in my 99 VR-4) is the same. Correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you so much for all you do for the community!
USA - Florida - West Palm Beach

The pictures are from a power seat. If yours is different, could you post some pictures for us. My American car is now in storage for the winter and I can’t get the seat out to compare.