Lowering springs

Does anyone have a picture of their car with the eibach lowering springs fitted? Would just like an idea of what mine would look like if I went for them. Also can they be fitted to the standard shocks? Thanks.

What does anyone here think of the bc coilovers? I’m about to purchase soon but don’t want to leave myself with a harsh ride. Your thoughts please.

I say stick with original but I am bias. A friend of mine changed to a lower spring and it breaks your back when driving. The pleasure and comfort is completely lost.

I would never ever again just change springs on a car to lower it… Used to do it on all my cars when I was young, but oh dear it gives a horribad ride combined with original shocks… Either put coilovers on that can be properly adjusted in stiffness or stick to originals…
Just my five cents :see_no_evil:


Thanks for the input guys . I’ll probably steer clear of lowering springs and maybe opt for a decent set of coilovers.

I just posted a similar topic not seeing this one first. I think the responses are what I need to make a decision. Keep original Thanks