Lowering springs for 1994

I have been contemplating lowering springs on my car. I heard it makes the ride a bit rougher but I do seem to like the stance of a lower car. I really sometimes doubt taking away for the original look. Any suggestions?

I think these cars look great lowered. It all depends on where you live. Here in new jersey the roads are so shit so lowering the car would be a very bad idea for me. But if the roads near you are pretty good then id say go for it

I’m with Ian on this, Over here our roads are really bad too, plus bloody speed bumps everywhere they’d tear your front bumper off, So its a No for lowering suspension here.
But as he says, if you can try it why not, you can always raise it again.

I used Teins (lowering springs only). the front lowered perfect but the rear hardly made any difference at all and looked a bit odd. So I have some custom rear springs made and it looks perfect now.

attached is a before and after (top is original springs - below is Teins at front and Custom at rear).