Lower Wishbone Ball Joint

Hi All, Need a little help to find a ball joint that fits into the Lower wishbone / Control Arm.
I’ve searched everywhere online and can only find the complete replacement of the arm with the ball joint already in situ. Example of ball joint in pics below, Surely there is a ball joint out there that fits our cars. Mine is a 1993 GTO - Z16A (MNPM) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ball Joint Front Lower Arm Diagram

This pic below shows similar ball joint, but as i say, I don’t need the entire Wishbone.

Ball Joint Sample

These work :+1:


Moog part number K9855

Perfect, thanks a mill, i’ll order them up. I didn’t know that parts for the FTO would fit my GTO.
I’ll bear that in mind when doing future searches. Cheers