Lower control arm bushing kit

Greetings, looking for a bushing kit and ball joints for the MK1 first gen 3000GT VR4 lower control arm. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Whiteline had a bushing kit. I see Prothane has one that includes the rearmost bushing, but rearmost is MK2 only.

The MK1 rearmost might possibly be only found as OEM due to how its made.

As for ball joints there are several sellers on ebay that offer them, but you can get Moog K9855 or an equivalent.

Much thanks for that info. I emailed SuperPro suspension parts since they have a listing for the first gen but only see 2 bushings listed. Unfortunately 3sx does not have the kit. I wonder why the bushing or control arm design is different among the production years and trim and for what apparent reason did Mitsubishi do this?

I assume it was done as cost savings. The first gen was the bracket and bushing in one unit. Second gen was a bushing and a separate bracket. The stem that the bushing slid over was smaller diameter on the first gen than second gen so they aren’t even interchangeable.

There are three different size bushings and one ball joint in the LCA, as seen in the pic, the small bushing that is fitted vertically is pretty much disintegrated and is around 33mm in diameter and 37mm in length.So, if anyone out there has replaced all these bushings or the one that I have made reference too, would love to know where they bought it. Any help

is much appreciated.

Just looked up 3sx again and they do have the entire poly bushing kit but all i need is one and not going to spend $400 for the entire kit, that would be insane if you ask me!!! :grinning:

I found this site http://www.yamatoautomotive.com/ When i was looking for Ball joints. I think I got them elsewhere though, however I did keep a picture of the replacement units. You could try to contact them and see how you get on, Best of luck

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Thanks that info helps I shall do some checking, so for today I did some research and contacted SuperPro suspension based in Australia. Spoke to a tech at the US branch, supposedly they have the entire kit in poly, but missing the one that you have mentioned and the one that I need. Considering this is my first time changing out bushings I wanted to know the part numbers and size since all the bushings are not the same length and size and no mention of it in the manual and then taking into consideration, Mitsubishi sure changed a lot of tit bits from the first gen to the second and third gen making it sure hell confusing what is interchangeable and what is not and then add the pain and suffering in finding parts that are obsolete, but thanks to forums such as these and small business that specialize in parts for our cars such as 3sx and Ninja performance… So looked it up on 3sx and got the part number which is SPF2451K that 3sx has in stock as a single unit/pair but also has the entire poly kit in black I believe USA made and SuperPro has it in purplish blue. So the tech guy is going to find out if they have it in stock here or Australia. So thinking about it, I might as well replace the entire lot with the nice purplish blue poly bushings and swing arm bushings from SuperPro and get it over with.

This site also does bushings separately if you knew which size fits, Buying the complete unit seems a little steep for my wallet,

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Suspension.com is one of the distributors of SuperPro poly bushings made in Australia. I was just going to get the single bushing I needed but then since I am at it I ordered the entire set which consists of three main bushings for each front control arm. The ball joints look great but the bushing have never been replaced in 30 years so I suppose it is time. Unable to get them in the factory rubber version since I heard these are not made anymore especially for the first gen, so I am going full polyurethane and perhaps match up with the full poly engine mounts. I have also gone the extra step in dissembling the entire front suspension including brakes, so everything is cleaned up of rust and dirt, painted and reassembled. Will post a few pics on show and shine when done. Funny to say it was not easy removing the old powder coat that was used on the brake calipers, took me days to do it, just some advice to those who want to powder coat their brake calipers or any other component, stay away from powder coat in general, its not easy removing it when its time for a new change in color.