Looking for that color!

Greetings fellow 3000GT enthusiasts, just a few questions I would like to ask the owner of this 3000GT that is in the above YouTube clip. I would like to know about the body color.
The name of the color, and if it is a vinyl wrap or a custom automotive paint job. I just love this color and how it looks on a 3000GT. But not sure exactly what color it is and would love to have the same for my 92 VR4.
Thanks a bunch!
best regards from Lake Tahoe USA

Im guessing it is something close to this: EASTWOOD MALIBU SUNSET METALLIC ORANGE 3:1 SINGLE STAGE PAINT


Hi thanks for that info but after reading the previous threads it is a vinyl wrap. I just have to get a hold of the owner to ask him the brand of the vinyl wrap and name of color.

The owner is Vadim. His forum name is vince_gto. I will let him know that you are trying to get hold of him.

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Thanks Joe, yes I just sent him a message.

Hi Sami.

Got your message, but just in case anyone else was also wondering will reply into this thread.

Well, afraid not too much I can tell. This is how I got the car, was already wrapped, so no info on the maker/colour name :frowning: besides it is an old wrap so chances that it is still available are slim.

But Iā€™m sure given the gigantic variety of vinyls available on the marlet today something close or identical could easily be found. A lot of sellers offer samples so you can always order a few samples of what orange you like on the screen to put against the car and make a final decision.


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Hi Vince, thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated, yes the color is really hard to distinguish, some say it is a shade of burnt orange but definitely not a true orange, some say a shade of Tangerine orange, but does not match any of the above. I was thinking of getting my ride plasti dipped instead of vinyl wrap but since there is no exact information available as to the color and brand I shall have to improvise, however, I must say it looks darn beautiful in that shade of orange/yellow or whatever.
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