Looking for STEALTH emblem

Hi, I’m new to the group. I have a 1991 Stealth RT TT and I’m looking for the STEALTH emblem that goes on the back of the car. I found the DODGE and the RT. Any ideas where I can track one down? I already tried 3SX Performance and 3000GT Stealth Solutions. Thanks!

They don’t exist anymore. It hasn’t been available for nearly 20 years.

Ebay item nbr 144741164274 however it is used dont know how exactly they will remove it and you install it.

Actually, 3SX has been selling repo Stealth emblems. They just sold out the most recent batch they tell me and are trying to get more. I was hoping someone here might know where to get one in the meantime. Thanks though.

I saw that listing, but I was told the emblems are one and done… if anyone believes otherwise I would love to hear it. I’m running out of options in the short term. Thanks, appreciate it.

From your initial post it made it seem like you were searching for OEM ones.

Good luck in your quest. I’d personally leave it debadged I’d it were me.

Hello inthetube, you may have to try a junk yard to find that.

I just got the car back and you’re right, it looks better debadged! I’ll probably just let whoever buys it decide whether to leave it as-is or add the badging later. Thanks