Looking for side skirt clips

Hello everyone. I’ve been looking for some information on where to attain the side skirt clips for my 1991 3000GT. I could use both sides, part and body side. Any information, part numbers or links would be greatly appreciated! I have searched but so many different styles come across im not sure of the correct ones.

Thanks again in advance!

You can find them here:


Thanks for the info Johan but I could not find them on this site. They only seem to have all the same standard clips that every other auto and body shop has. Am I missing something.

Hmmm, odd… I ordered mine from them when I fixed my car up, but they dont seem to be there now… :thinking:

That’s a pity. I think we would all love to get hold of some. I can get them made for pennies but minimum order is 500,000 from my usual manufacturer and the mould cost is a couple of grand. It would take a hundred years to get my money back. :joy::joy:


Thanks for your help guys! I ended up finding all I needed on Mitsubishipartsnow.com. They didn’t have the clips on the body side though. I may have spent a little more than other sites but I thought they were reasonably priced.

Also, Part numbers for anyone who needs them.

MB645333 Black clip
MB645334 White clip
MB645337 Bolts that need to be unscrewed from inside the car.

Hope this helps anyone out in the future!


Those bolts ended up being a royal friggin nightmare for me… Had to custom make new ones as they broke off in both sides… Good to see that you gotten yours off and best wishes with your car :+1:

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