Looking for instrument cluster

Hello folks
I would like to ask if anybody has an instrument cluster for sale?? and I would also like to ask if anybody got the center vents for sale, and prefered without any cracks or anything broken in them :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you mean the vent that is just above the display or the 2 vents on the top of the dashboard that blow onto the screen?

Sorry I meant this one… Should have described it a bit better :see_no_evil:

I can’t believe that I gave my Last one to another forum member just this morning.

:slightly_frowning_face: ah well, I hope somebody else perhaps has one then (highly unlikely though)
But I also really need an extra instrument cluster … I fixed my rev counter, and it worked great a few days, but now it started acting up again, and I wonder if it is the big electromagnetic coil that is actually bad, so I would like to try to have an extra one, and I would also like to change my speedo reading from only 180 km/h to one that shows a little higher :blush:

I hate promoting facebook groups because they can be sketchy. But i see people parting there cars out all of the time getting rid of exactly what you are looking for. I suggest checking there. Personally ive never had any trouble buying items off facebook but if you decide to do that then be careful.

I was hoping to avoid that, because of the reason you stated… I dont know why I would trust people more on a forum, as it kinda is the same… In worst case I gotta try your suggestion

Saw this earlier today

Hey Johan, I think I may have one in the shed, I’m nearly sure there was one in a box of spare pieces that came with my car. I’ll check when I get home. i’ll message you later.

Hey Pken … I think I managed to get hold of that one which ian listed just earlier, so I hope I am all good with the cluster, but I still need to find a piece with those vents, which is not broken (seems like all are broken :confused: )

Grand ok, its probably just as well. I dug it out and half the bulbs are missing, the screen is cracked and it looks like someone tried to solder some of the contacts on the circuit board.

hi .you still looking for air vents?

Hello Mr
Yes I am still looking for those vents… You got a prime condition spare one???

Just like this ?

Ooooh that one looks nice… For sale??

Yes but I’m in uk…where are you

Im just north of you on the faroe islands… It is as close as you can be in the uk but not be there :grin:

Do you need any thing else to make postage worth while .breaking a black mk2 gto

Let me just think over if there are other parts I need… Will write to you tomorrow if I come to think of any others :+1: