Long time no speak

Hey everyone and belated merry Christmas, after throwing my dummy out the pram with my wiring gremlins a couple of months ago I finally visited the shed, still not got much drive but I made a start, hope to be back at it again in the next day or so, Just need to find some motivation


Just owning one of these cars should be all the drive you need. I always feel better and have a smile on my face when I take mine out. Nice little shed by the way. We would all love to have one of those. :smiley:


Hi, dont suppose you have a torque converter on those shelves, so I can get my auto back on the road?

No sorry don’t have many autos only the range rovers

Sadly driving them is a rarity that GTO I’ve managed about 600 miles in 16 years :cry::sob::sob: long love story that I won’t bore you with, it is a great shed but it doesn’t matter the size you always fill it

I may have said this before but that’s a nice prelude in the corner.

Cheers I’ll get round to her when I retire I think :joy:

Thanks for reply. I’ll keep looking