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Hi , I think it might be very helpful if there was a list of all the brilliant video’s created by Joe90 and team on the restoration channel. It might make a great addition to the wealth of knowledge being found on this forum. Or am I missing something ? I realise we can subscribe on youtube but some might just want one particular video ? Just some thoughts.

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I think that would be a great idea !!

This would be a good idea but please remember that I do not receive any funding or sponsorship for the YouTube channel or forum. I even for go advertising royalties on YouTube so you can all have uninterrupted viewing. Everything, without exception, is paid for out of my own pocket.
There has to be a limit to my generosity and time.
I am grateful to the patreons and I send them all of the links automatically as well as giving advanced viewing, exclusive videos and gifts.
If anyone else would like to create a list of Links on the forum, you are welcome to do so.
You can also see a list of the videos on YouTube without the need to subscribe.

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Thanks Joe90, appreciated