Link to Parts Websites?

If anyone has links to websites that sells parts, would you post them here please? I have checked all the parts stores around me for a 1999 SOHC distributor and none of them can get one. I’ve ordered one from commercial business on eBay and they sent me the DOHC version and it doesn’t fit. If you know of a parts website where rare 3000 GT parts can still be bought, would you please share here with the community? Thanks in advance!

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I have one buddy. I will try to dig it out for you.


Go onto : that will give you a screen headed " Japanese Cars online Catalogs"

you can then go to the Mitsuishi Section enter your Vin number (Frame Number) and it will take you through to a series of Exploded drawings with part numbers. once you find the item you require click on that and it will bring up a Product ID manufacturers part number and price in USD, click on the price and a screen will appear and give you a price for the item and a shipping cost

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Is this the distributor type that you need. Sorry for the poor picture but the engine is in storage.

I’m not sure if that’s the same as mine. I can’t tell by that picture. I took some pictures of mine so you can compare. Unfortunately There’s no part number on the distributor like there is on other parts.