LEngine build sonfar

Got the engine almost fully rebuilt and I have finally got some oil in the engine and managed to check. My timing marks.

The delay was doing the intake plenham and rocker covers with the hydrogrphics. It took a few goes as the activator wouldn’t go on correctly with using a rattle can and having to do the job outside in a slight breeze.

Really pleased so far though and over the moon with the timing marks. Grenade pin all nice and free too :grin:


Not into mods myself but that looks like a really nice job you have done there.


Nice job! Curious what turbos are on there?

They are a bit of a strange one.
Previous owner got 2 13ts cheap. Unfortunately they were from a, I think he said scooby.
That then required a front manifold to be made and another adaptor coming from the exhaust manifold in the rear.
The cost must have been more than a pair of mitsi turbos.
He had not had them refurbished and they were not the best.
I’ve had hybrid internals installed though with 360° bearings in.
They work as a normal mitsi set would but are a bit convoluted for my liking.
His reasoning was if he ever needed to replace them he could get scooby ones cheap again.
If I ever need to replace them I’ll be going for mitsi manifolds and turbos.
They shouldn’t need replacing but you never know.

That’s interesting. The exhaust side of them looks like it belongs on a much bigger turbo.

Looking forward to seeing pics of everything back in the engine bay. :slight_smile:

Interesting colourwork in the engine. Appreciate the effort and certainly stands out.

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