Left Side Boot Light Inspection Cover MB692629

I have this spare as I bought two for this side accidentally. As you’re looking into the boot from the outside of the car, this goes on the left side. Open to offers and willing to ship. If anyone has the right hand side one, I’d love to buy it.

It sounds like you need MB692630. I have at least one. I’m in the US so shipping would be the biggest expense.

Awesome, can you let me know how much?

This one?

It’s this missing panel here

We spoke on facebook…im rik whasup
May be easier …rik

Sorry, I’ve been busy the last few days. I can still get a quote for you, but if someone on your side of the pond has one it will probably be better to save you a lot in shipping.

Thanks think I’ve sorted one now

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If you dont sort one, I have heaps of bits and pieces like this. I’m in New Zealand

Thanks. I managed to get one

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