LED Third Brake Light

Hello all my name is: YellowDog
I have a: '91 Stealth TT
It has the following issue: LED third brake light is not working. Any ideas how to trouble shoot the issue?


Pull your hatch cover and investigate if it is even plugged in.

There are two screws on the hooks, then it should be just held on by clips. You have to kind of flex it around the hatch struts, but it comes off easy enough. The wire should be coming through the hatch and plugged in. If its not plugged in you found your issue. If it is plugged in, then you’ll have to continue diagnosis.

Connector is plugged in. It’s got voltage going to it but LED light no work.

It has power but does it have ground?

Ground wire looks good

I believe that ground is for the rear defrost. use a test light or multimeter to test the ground at the plug itself.

Hell you could even apply direct power and ground to the light to see if it lights.

I bought a replacement brake light. It lights up and works great unfortunately it’s not the right size to fit in the spoiler. It must be from a 3000GT instead of a Dodge Stealth. Why did they have to make two different sizes?? What a disappointment

The failed LED light looks like it has a fried resistor. Any ideas how to open the sealed plastic LED light enclosure without completely destroying it? Also, I have no idea what value the resistor is

Actually, I think that is the diode. Any ideas what the replacement diode part is?

Got the cover off. Looks like a failed diode to me

I picked up a new diode to fix the brake light

The third brake light has been brought back from the dead!

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