Leather Seat Trim OE Options

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Until the other day, I thought that the leather trim option on our cars were all the same, However I have now discovered there are certainly two different types.

  1. This is what I would call the Perforated option, where the centre section of the front seats are made of a leather full of tiny holes, but bolsters are plain leather and the outside centre back is in Cloth

  2. This is what I would call the Ruched option where the centre section of the front seats is sort of gathered between the bolsters which are also plain leather and the outside centre back is in Vinyl.

Does anyone if these are the only two types factory supplied and if possible if these options are a choice or just from different years of manufacture.

There was a MK1 variant that had GTO stitched into the leather, cant for the life of me remember what the model was called but the car also came is a anthracite grey that looks great!

Must admit I have never seen that option, but I have not seen any MK1 cars close up, I was surprised there was more than one option to be honest.

But I would really like to know if the differences are dependant on which country’s market the car was originally built for IE: either a UK Car, a JDM, a USDM etc.

As the two Leather options I have seen both seem to have the same seat controls on the drivers seat (two rockers one for front & one for rear ) up & down movement with manual front to rear rail movement, however the cloth trims that I have seen have one control which is a horizontal bar which I assume does the same job, although I have never seen one in the flesh.

With the way these cars seem to be modified so frequently its difficult to know what the correct trim would be for a particular manufacturing year and I would like to find out what my car would have left the factory with

I have manual leather seats, true black from a 98 base model 3000GT in my 91 currently. I removed tan leather powered seats from the car when I got it.

I know there are differences on the USDM cars, but not sure if it is year dependant or model dependant. IIIRC the 1g powered seats were leather perforated. My black seats are not perforated.

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Thank you for your input, I have never seen a Base model 3000GT which I assume is a USDM FWD car, all I have seen in the UK are either the UKDM cars and the JDM grey imports and all those appear to have Electric drivers seat and manual passenger seat, but the passenger seat has no adjustment other than the back position, none I have seen have any seat height adjustment.

The Manual leather ones you acquired must be significant weight saving.

I have the red perforated in my 91 twin turbo stealth

Thanks for posting, looks like the Perforated leather seats were fitted to the MK1 3S vehicles for sure, when they changed to the Ruched Leather I am still not clear on, assuming that they had not been changed from factory I have seen the Ruched seats on a MK3 1998 car, but don’t know what type the MK2 cars were fitted with.

Your input is much appreciated

I had seats from a 1991 auto GTO that were dark grey and I’m pretty sure they looked like the red ones above, only in a grey