Leaking headliner when it rains

Hello all my name is: Ian
I have a 1996 mitsubishi 3000gt
The car as of the past few months has water leaking into the headliner on the passenger side. It only leaks when the car is sitting outside and it is raining. I am in new jersey and right now its been non stop raining and id like to get this fixed as quickly as possible. I tried running water all over the car and it would not leak into the headliner. Could this be the sunroof seal? Sunroof drain holes? Rubber along the door? There seem to be no other leaks anywhere on the car.

Hi Ian, I would say most likely your sunroof drain holes blocked. I had the same problem on my work vehicle this week and ended up having to use compressed air to blow it clean, although I had exhausted all other possible solutions first as I was afraid the air might separate some fittings on the drain tubing.
Locate the drain holes and check if they are visibly clear, if clear introduce some water at each hole and see if it drains away. If it doesn’t, insert some strimmer chord into the drains and try to clear them. If this doesn’t help, locate where the drains exit the car and make sure they are not obstructed.

Any idea where the drain holes are located? I cant seem to find any pictures or any answers as to where these drain holes are. Do i have to open the sunroof? If i have to open the sunroof then im in trouble because the sunroof doesnt open all the way.

Hi Ian, can’t say exactly where on our cars but normally front two corners left and right and yes you will need to slide the roof back. Some bigger roofs will also have 2 holes at the back normally draining over the boot somewhere. A lot of cars will have a manual override mechanism if your motor is not operating properly.
You could also start by locating the exit points and blow some air up the way.

The first thing I would do is identify where the leak is coming from - then you will know what needs replacing or adjusting. The way the shops do it is by doing a smoke test with all the doors and windows shut and just wait to see where the smoke comes from. You can buy little canisters of smoke so you can do this yourself at home.

Ive never heard of that method but it sounds smart. Do you know how to manually open the sunroof fully? I can get it to crack open but it wont go back. It closes just fine.

Here’s the instructions on how to manually open the sunroof on my 1998 car:

Looking at your sunroof it’s glass - never seen that before - if it uses the same power switches as the metal sunroof then you remove the headlining from inside the car. You can then access the wires which power the sunroof motor and can apply 12 bolts directly to it - I did this when the complete sunroof mechanism was out of the car and I needed to open it up. The manual explains the pins etc…

The power switch is definitely different. Ill take a pic next time i get a chance but there is no cover to remove if i remember. I Have no idea how to remove the headliner with the type of sunroof i have. I think part of the headliner is glued to that black bottom part of the sunroof.

Here is the 2 pictures I took today of what it looks like inside.