Latest aquired project

I have aquired another GTO.
Belonged to a good friend, who had it for many, many years.
Unfortunately, it has stood for around 5 years, although we did do the cambelt on it 2 years ago.
Circumstances changed, and it has come into my possession.

Brought her home yesterday.

The task begins…



Load up the parts cannon marty


Well, she runs.
Extremely tappetty, but not run in over 2 years.
Yes, I did crank engine over to circulate the oil.

Now to change ALL the fluids, filters etc, and get it ready to see if I can get it through an MOT.

Target for that is end sept.

Wish me luck.


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Well, shes passed her mot.
Only advisories were corroded brake discs, which will clean up as she is used.
Still on sorn, as not much point taxing it this time of the month.
Done next to no miles since import in 2006. On a sorn mosr of her time in uk!
Work still to do, still in need of some parts, but its getting there.
Hope is Santa Pod in a couple of weeks.


I noticed the rear alloys didnt have hub centric spacers fitted.
I have now installed them.
Found them fitted at the front.
These are important for load transfer, as you do not want the studs taking all the loads
These prodrive forged alloys are made in Japan by Rays Engineering.

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Sorted out the fuel pump electrics now.
Needs a little tidying, but the fuel gauge and light now work.


Hubcentric rings have nothing to do with “taking the load off the lugs”

They are literally just for making centering of the wheels easier. As it is, even wheels don’t sit fully on the hub center. They are held by the lugs. That is their purpose. I have went 20 years without hubcentric rings and have zero issues with my lugs.

Hey Marty. Looks like the vapor valve (the blue thing) is installed the wrong way round. unless I’m missing something…

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Thanks very much.
I will double check.
This is entirely possible, as there was no fuel tank, pump or pipework on it when I aquired the car.