Knocking noise from rear of car HELP

Hello all my name is Angus
I have a 1990 GTO

The car has just had a respray and everything on the outside put back together.
When driving the car has started to make a knocking noise from the rear, we think we have isolated the noise from the rear wheels that we removed and put on with new locking nuts.
The noise is fairly rhythmic/ consistent & stops after a while (usually as the vehicle gathers speed). We cant see any points of contact between the callipers & wheels etc so struggling to work out what it could be.

Any suggestions?

worth checking that the locking wheel nuts are the correct ones for the car. I would check that the wheels are seated correctly on the hub and that the locking nuts are tightened up to the correct torque setting.


I had this recently but I don’t think it is the same thing that you have. For me, it was a broken spring in the drum of the parking brake shoes causing them not to close properly and snag with each rotation of wheel. Try lifting the wheels off the road and turn them backwards by hand. If it keeps sticking, you may have found the problem.

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I shall have a go at this… & something I forgot to mention in the above, is that while in reverse (with some decent acceleration) it wasnt making the noise.

I had a knocking noise from the rear after putting mine back together. I found that one of the calipers bolts was ever so slightly loose causing the noise.

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Check the carrier bearings on the drive shaft.