Keyless entry fob not locking/unlocking doors

Hey everyone, my name is Geremy, I live in Castle Rock, Colorado and I just bought a 1994 Stealth R/T in California and drove it home 2 days ago. I have one keyless entry fob (2-button) which seems to have a working battery since the red light comes on when I press the buttons but nothing happens with the door locks.

I tried replacing the battery but the red light on the remote didn’t even light up so I don’t know if it’s dead or not. Do I need to locate the receiver behind the back seat and do something with that? The back of the remote has the following:

CANADA 1814 K1010

Thanks in advance!

Hi Geremy, If your remote system was fitted by mitsubishi, you should find a module under the front seat.
If you have no luck sorting it , you’ll find cheap and cheerful remote kits on ebay for 20-30 quid, thats what I did and works fine.

The module is not under the front seat. It is indeed behind the left rear speaker panel.

Thank you both! I was able to locate the receiver behind the rear speaker panel and pair it to my remote. Now that I’m putting everything back I’m having trouble with the rear seat belt seizing. I can no longer get it to go slack.

You have to hold it at the right angle and pull slowly.

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Much appreciated! I couldn’t find the correct angle so I slowly pulled out all the coiled up slack inch by inch. The plastic center of the spool that the belt coils around had some cracks and tiny loose pieces that were probably jamming it up. Once I blew them out the belt retracted and I was able to reinstall with it working properly.

Thanks again to all! This forum is great!.