Key stuck and crank but no start

Hello all my name is:3KVR4
I have a: 1993 VR4
So I have a 2 pronged problem. I recently bought my 1993 3000GT VR4 and it was running and working great. Roughly a month ago, I parked the car after a short drive and the key will not move to the lock position to remove it from the ignition. I eventually figured out about the button to press so I can pull the key out, but it now does this every time i try to remove the key. That is problem 1. The 2nd problem which I’m sure is related to the 1st problem, the car cranks but will not start. The few times i did get it to start since my key issue, it will run for roughly 30 seconds then die. I suspect that somehow I tripped the car’s security system and it is not allowing it to start anymore. The only thing I did differently when I parked it was back into my parking spot vs just pulling in. I found somewhere online that suggests the car was just parked at an angle it didn’t like, so I did jack the front end up but the same issues persist. No strange lights or anything on the dash prior to any of this. Again i think it’s security system related but I don’t know what to do to remedy this. I’m in need of some troubleshooting wisdom. Thank you

The button to release has to be done every time on a 1g. It is the release. Its a feature, not a problem.

Instead of guessing its security related you need to do some actual diagnosing.

There’s a small black button close to the dash outside of the ignition barrel that I’m talking about if you remove the plastic covering from around the steering column. I’m trying to diagnose the problem but obviously I need some help being pointed in the right direction

Yes the small black button is on every 1st gen. It sounds like someone put a second gen column cover on your car. It is necessary to push that button to release the key.

Ok. I was unaware of this. When I disassembled the column cover I did notice an oddly placed screw in that location that i thought nothing of since there was a factory hole for where it was. I am now under the impression that the previous owner broke that button, the button is actually damaged, and placed a screw in it’s place which must’ve shifted and that’s why I never had to press it before to remove the key until now. Now I am suspecting it’s just a bad fuel pump. I replaced spark plugs and wires when I first bought it and it ran good. Battery is also new. Thank you for the insight. I’m going to look up how to test the fuel pump and go from there.

There is a fuel pump test harness in front right corner near the firewall. Stealth316 has the photos and test procedures.