Key replacement

Hi folks.
Quick question. I have a blank replacement key so in order to make a copy of the original one do I have to go to a mitsu dealer or a local key cutting outlet generally should be able to handle this job? Thanks

Local key cutting will do the job !

I copied mine at my local cutter and they work fine, so no need to go the usually overpriced route at the dealers

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Cheers guys! Appreciate

Getting the key cut at a dealer is probably better. They will cut it to the original pattern based on VIN rather than copy from an existing key that may be worn. My local dealer required a VIN and proof of ownership to cut a new key for me.


If you have a original Mitsubishi key it will have the key number stamped on the key blade, there are many on line key suppliers that will supply a Key cut to a factory number I used Key Trader
I have attached a link :

Hope this helps if you are not already sorted

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