Just to hi, and thanks for the videos

I have bought my first 3000GT. Very clean and totally stock. I had a few minor replacements of a couple of parts to do but not much. I need a set of gear shift linkage bushes if anyone knows where to get some thanks.
I went to change a rear lightbulb and the cover screws sheared as the rear bumper support was properly rusted. Looking from underneath I could see how bad it was. Right, that support and the two supporting ties needs replacing if I can’t sort it. Took of the rear wheel and cowel to have a look from inside and notices through all the rust most of the suspension linkage bushes have perished on the multiple rods and arms(it’s the 4ws model). Now I’ve got a massive list and I’m don’t know what to sort first. It will now live outside under a cover on the drive as apposed to its last 17 years in a garage. I suppose I need to start sourcing parts now and get everything I can and do a strip down, prep, paint and replace. I’m looking forward to getting it back to as near to new as possible.
I have found the videos incredibly helpfull and makes the work less daunting and relatively straight forward. What a resource to have at hand. Thanks Joe.
I might be back on here looking for a rear bumper support. If you have a good one please let me know.


Hi Bob, welcome to the Forum. I have a UK spec 3000GT too and can relate to your rust issue. 23 years of wet, salted British roads have not been kind to it! Evil Empire Performance sell a shifter bushes kit you might be interested in: https://www.evilempireperformance.co.uk/gto-and-3000gt-5-6-speed-linkage-and-shifter-upgrade.html

Also, have a look at the “Joe’s Gems” section of the Forum, you might find the rear bumper brackets you mentioned.
All the best,

Thanks Matt.
I will have a look and order them from Evil Empire. The bumper bit I need is the whole long metal section that runs the full width which is fixed on the two crash supports. Oh, and the two crash supports. It just goes on…