JDM Speedo Cluster [Converted to MPH]

Hi All

I have for sale a JDM Speedo Cluster that has been converted from KMPH to MPH that I practiced on (in case I cocked it up) before converting the actual speedo in my car. it reads the speed in MPH but the Odometer and the trip meter still count in Kilometres as that is how I wanted mine to work, I did not want to change the vehicles mileage but could not get my head around converting the speed to MPHwhile driving and I am not a fan of the Converter PCB route.

The Cluster is from a JDM GTO NA Auto, although the Speedometer head appears to be the same for Auto and Manual from my limited experience although I am prepared to bow to someone with more knowledge than I.

The Speedo works fine in MPH and I have tested it on my car before attempting to convert my own.

Price is £50 plus cost of courier of your choice to your location. any questions don’t hesitate to ask.