James' 92 GTO TT

New MOT!
Super happy with the coilovers lowering and 18" Rota’s! Took some getting used to. Looking forward to updating this thread as I slowly spend a lifetime on the cosmetic bits it needs!
Love to all GTO/3000GT’s!


Looks very nice. I am thinking of buying 18, Rota’s for my car but with 6 spokes.

Looks very tidy. The Mk4 rear garnish is a really nice touch, not an easy thing to come by I imagine! I like the wheels too. I’m torn on the wheel front, my car has the original 17s and I’d like to keep it as original as possible, but on the other hand I think it would visually benefit from some 18s as they just look a bit small in my opinion. Nice car anyhow :+1:

Loving the look. These cars are timeless.

How is the ride?? Some coil overs are better than others.

thank you! do it! I love the 5 spokes on classic Jdm’s personally

cheers Matt! yeah I was thinking about getting the mk2 17" 5 spokes, what you have! I think they look great on a lowered car. still debating it tbh. these 18’s do look a bit big, I actually just love a fat tyre wall. yeah the garnish was hard to sort out, had to be done, my fave! need to paint the rear number plate surround in that paint to finish off the rear

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cheers matey, I appreciate it!

it’s alright, I haven’t fiddled with the settings yet, its a bit bouncy on the rebound but I’ve been told the suspension needs to bed in. so may improve. its always been a bucket list thing of mine to get new wheels and coilovers! to be honest now I appreciate the ride was great as it was… but to me it’s all about the looks and I love the stance now

Really nice ! What specs are the wheels ? 18 x ? Offset ?

What tires did you put on?

Did you need to adjust the camber in order for them to fit under the guards?

What brand are the coilovers ?

It’s one of the best looking black cars I’ve seen

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thanks a lot mate! I appreciate that :smiley:

Nankang NS20 - 8.5" - 245x35x18"



I am afraid I wouldn’t know if camber is adjusted as I had the garage set it all up and do the four wheel alignment! But I do know these are the coil overs that everyone gets for these cars so it must be the easiest go to


If you put coilovers on, then you have to change your rear upper control arms to adjustable ones, because it is impossible to get the alignment fully inside tolerances on the rear… They are a super easy swap, but it has to be done if going coilovers!!

Most garages tend to do the alignments and skip on the adjustment point that circulates around the upper rear control arms, because they cannot move the stock ones, and most of them dont tell the customers as they usually will say that it is close enough, but it is still a bit of, and it will cause unnecessary wear if not adjusted inside the parameters

yeah for sure you’re not wrong mate, i was advised on it but it’s not an essential thing, for the mileage i do i can maybe do that at a later point, spent too much money at the garage as it was! i needed to breathe ahah