It's alive. To my surprise, the barn find runs! Will update on future work

:red_car: 1991 3000GT NA. So the last MOT on this thing was 2008…

It had been sat on a driveway for the past 8 years and who knows where else before that. Quite badly damaged by the Northern English weather. It was left to the elements.

When we pulled off the guard for the timing belts, I was surprised to see them looking almost brand new.

Spark plugs needed a clean but the engine turned over nicely. What was even more amazing was that all the electronics are functioning. This car is insanely equipped with every bell and whistle for its electronics. Way ahead of its time to the grief of many a mechanic.

I stuck some new tyres on it and gave her a clean.

New Battery

Spark plugs cleaned


Ahhh, what a lucky find!
My practiced eye noticed the broken/lifted defroster vent on the dash. I have tried almost everything to fix mine and my solutions inevitably failed, but the last one worked and is still working almost a year later. Black “Plastic Epoxy”; it’s a two-part epoxy that seems to grip the vent plastic better than anything else.
It’s a b**ch to work in those close quarters without spreading the goo all over the windshield. But the windshield scraped clean with a razor blade.

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Well when I get to that part I will be sure to ask you about it. Thanks.

And it’s a manual to boot. What a find.

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New air filter has gone in. Hoses that are damaged have been removed and new ones will be added soon. x6 new spark plugs, new oil filter, fuel filter.

New gasket seals are to be added soon to avoid any leaky gasses.

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There is some rattling going on in the upper engine (camshafts) I will have to do a separate post on that issue.

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