ISO RHD A Pillar gauge pop

I drive a GTO but live in Canada so it is quite difficult for me to find an Triple A pillar gauge pod for a rhd application, I tried universal but I am not happy with it. If anyone can point me in the right direction to a site that sells one I’d really appreciate it thanks!

Hi Simon
Please teach me something new. What is a triple A pillar gauge pod ?

It is this thing marked in the circle Joe

I got a single pod one by chance a while back

Gave it to a friend to 3d scan for reps, hopefully hell get rount to it soon. Ill ask it it can be altered to hold 2 and 3 pod versions

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Thanks Johan. That explains why I didn’t have a clue. I don’t do anything add on. :joy::joy::joy:


Would that be in a cad file?

Yeah, think he may do it in 3 parts to print and the glue together as its long

I’m in Canada as well I have a dual pod RHD full piece A-Pillar please FB message me @ Laurent Joseph Barriault for picture and price!