ISO charcoal canister valve (GTO spec)

ISO a charcoal canister valve off a GTO, needed for canister delete, looking for one ASAP payment ready

Not trying to be funny but does Evil Empire have them?

already asked him pal, in stock on his site but doesn’t even have any for his own cars at the minute

Heard that one a thousand times. Starting to wonder exactly what he sells because he never has anything. Have you tried graham autoworld?

Knows more about our cars than anybody, your knowledge can be written on a postage stamp compared to his…

Cheers for the ban by the way… see you treat your forum members just like any other then , thought you were doing this ‘different’ :thinking: kettle black!

I am not an administrator of this site. The administrators put you on a temporary ban because multiple people flagged your comments as being in contravention of the site rules.
As far as Rob goes. There is no question about his knowledge. My comment was purely about the difficulty of getting parts from him in a timely manner and if anyone disagrees with me, they can say so. This is a open forum for open debate and the sharing of knowledge. It is not my personal forum and I don’t filter, block or remove other peoples ideas or comments.
However, I have to ask, if you don’t like me or what I am doing, why are you on this forum?


Your implications suggest Rob has no stock, your basically slagging off someone that helps and has helped 1000s of Gto owners all over the world…

Yeh I know your son is in charge of the forum, children know more than adults.

Never said i don’t like you Joe in fact I am in awe, awaiting something to come from you that’s not basic or been done before.

When that happens let me know and you can have lots of respect, gtooc has many many more year’s on you and is far superior in its ideas and practices.

What you seem to be building is a site dedicated to yourself, about yourself, I see little new knowledge or experience, just someone trying to build off others in the past.

Fine it I’m not allowed an opinion block ban whatever you like, but don’t del my posts as it makes you look like the Gestapo :thinking:

Not everyone you meet will be in awe of your videos, website etc but you should take that as constructive criticism not… oh ban them.

Anyway I’ve better things to do, you clearly haven’t… laters :+1:

Hi there @Smilegto I am the one who has removed some of your posts in the past due to the community flagging them as inappropriate or not constructive. Eg the large poop emoji you were sending previously.

I hope you can now understand why that was done as typically in the online world people who are sending things like this are here to waste others time. In alignment with how I moderate several other online communities I cleared those messages.

If you wish to discuss any actions that have been taken by myself or any other moderator / administrator feel free to directly message me as not to go off topic here.


Several posts hidden to keep the post on topic.

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must say mate in the 5 years i’ve dealt with him this is the first thing even he’s found hard to come by, even for his own cars at the minute, his sorted me out on a farts notice for a lot of things that i’ve needed, can’t fault him in my opinion, especially knowing how many people he deals with on a daily basis you’ve got to respect the time he puts in for each customer

I think that maybe my comment was taken too literally and out of context. I too have dealt with Rob for more than 10 years and as a person, he is great. His knowledge of the cars is fantastic and a big help to all. My comment was not a bashing exercise but an observation of my recent experience and the feedback from others. As more and more parts become obsolete, poor Rob is being left out in the cold with less to sell. The problem is being compounded by the long delays in shipping from Asia due to covid. We can only hope that he manages to pull something out of the bag before he is permanently affected as we will all be worse off without him.

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I have no experience of ordering from this site, but is this the part you’re after?

Just a little bit of advice. The UK does not have a free trade agreement with Japan. Any parts entering the UK will be subject to import and vat fees. The shipping agent will also charge a customs handling fee. I have paid as much as £22 for the agent fees. You may end up paying over £100 for the part.