Is EvilEmpire Performance reliable?

Hello everyone,
I’m asking you this question because it seems this shop lacks on customer support. I already sent them a message via the form on the website and one message via mail without getting any answer…
Have you got some experience with this shop? I just paid 351£ of items and I’m getting afraid of being scammed

Thanks in advance.


I have used them before a few times and have always been good and very helpful. Phone Rob (the owner) and speak to him - am sure your order will be fine.

Hi, thanks for you answer.
He just reply to my mails, now I feel more relaxed.


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I spent a lot of money with him last couple of years waited 2 months for a lobro joint , you do get your parts eventually rob is a genuine fella

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I’ve had horrible experiences trying to get my parts and get hold of him.
There are better places to get your parts, I will not use EvilEmpire Performance again.

I’ve personally found Rob to be a genuine guy who provides an important service to us owners .
Without the likes of Rob, Joe, Jensen , this forum, the Gtouk forum and its committee , it would be close to impossible to keep these cars on the road .
I get that some of it is for commercial purposes but for me it’s an industry worth supporting. Just my opinion.

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My guess is that many of these suppliers suffer heavily under the lockdown that the different parts of the world is in, so I think they should be given some slack, because it is completely out of their control what is happening now

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I guess it would be nice having a bit more of customer service, I had to send 3 mail to have 1 reply. Today I sent another one.
He should try to view more his inbox, at least we know what is the status of our orders #


I emailed him a while back re some parts I was trying to source but he didn’t bother getting back to me.

I’ve had pleasant experience with Rob, he, like Joe really knows his stuff and is pleasant to deal with and he goes out of his way to help you out.

The only advice I can give is that don’t order stuff if you are in a rush, or need parts quickly. He is a one man band, and takes a while to source stuff, send out etc…

For me personally, always first port of call is the dealership, with the part number, they are quick and prices are not that much different to other suppliers.

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As above, I’ve been dealing with Rob for the past 15 years, busy man most of the time but he will try hard to source parts he hasn’t got in stock, that can take some time as lots of parts come from overseas. Emails not his strong point, it’s best calling him.

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I can understand that everybody have their problems, but I think the comunication is the key of each store dealer. I can understand that if something must be back ordered you must have some patience, but if he has those item “in stock” what should he source?

P.s: sorry for my english.


Same here im afraid. Emailed 3 times about parts and had no reply.

Hello, you should try to call him if you can.
I’m Italian and my english is pretty bad, so I’ll do it when I’ll be desperate :sweat_smile:

If I’ll get my parts one day, I swear I won’t give him another £.


Just to add a little to this topic. Rob does an outstanding job sourcing hard to find parts for our vehicles. He is only one man and we (collectively) are more than one customer. I appreciate when you see on his website “in stock” you think like I did many years ago, great it’s on a shelf in his unit so it shouldn’t take long! Sadly this is not the case for a large amount of the parts rob sells. “In stock” means that the parts are still available from Mitsubishi or one of the original suppliers who Mitsubishi purchased from. Maybe this info is misleading, but I guess it probably clears a large amount of enquiries about parts that have no become obsolete. Let’s face it our cars are now over 30 years old. Rob is an absolute mind of information and has a great love and passion for our cars, if you have seen his own gt and taken a ride in it you would see that. Emails are easily ignored, not through ignorance but generally through being busy. I’ve never experienced rob ever ignoring me, I call him he either answers or I wait for a call back, which sometimes can be quickly and at other times a day or two. The guy is trying to run a business, dealing with many enquiries every day from all over the world, I’ve stood in his unit many times whilst he is packing up dozens of parts that he’s sending out, I reiterate “dozens” He is only one man, trying to help us out and earn some money to pay for overheads! Things easily forgotten in today’s times. We have all experienced some pretty awful delays through this year trying to obtain even the smallest of things, now try and imagine getting something from Japan. Speaking out through frustration is one thing, but bad mouthing and making statements of how you’ll never spend another £ with him is frankly just ridiculous! Just like joe the guys sourcing parts, doing videos, posting part numbers and giving advice in the most part do it for love or minimal profit, maybe some thought could be exercised before negative posts.


If I had your previous experience maybe I would never say this, but today if you put an order EVERYWHERE you’ll not get 3 weeks of delay. I know our cars now are old and the parts are rare to find, but at least put a warning, or something (like ninja performance) that your order will be shipped in 21 days or more.
It’s my first “adventure” with EvilEmpire, if his way of doing business is just like this just put a warning and no one will think that he’ll get scammed.
I don’t know Rob, he may be the best person in the world, but he’s lacking customer care.
I’m sorry if my post got some people angry, I hope you all will understand my thoughts of being scammed.
Anyway, I’ll wait and I’ll keep you updated.



Paul has given the picture, lets move on Guys not fear talking about someone that is not in the forum and can’t reply.


Hello guys, I received my package.
Everything went fine and Rob kept his promise of deliver the shipment before the Brexit.
Another lesson learned, I have to be more patient.

See you around!


Does anyone know, do they ship to the U.S.? I’ve checked this site out for years and questioned it’s reliability but it sounds like it’s legit.

Im pretty sure Rob ships to around the world. Last time I spoke to him he was shipping loads of parts Nigeria and Im sure I have heard him say he sends lots of parts to America too.