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Hi everyone , quick question, has any of the UK or Ireland members on here ever ordered from Andy’s autosports in the USA and if so how was service and shipping costs. Thanks

I have never ordered from Andy but I regularly buy parts in volume from the States. The price of shipping has gone through the roof in recent years and was increased again due to covid. Once your order reaches the UK, you will be royaly screwed by customs and excise and then by the courier for handling the customs paperwork which takes them about 3 minutes. The courier will typically charge between £8 - £28 for paperwork on top of the shipping costs. I think the threshold for import taxes is anything valued at more than $17 but you can check this online. This means that a part which costs $18 in the States could easily end up costing £50 plus shipping costs to get to the UK. I would strongly recommend trying to source what you need in the UK or make sure that the order is so big that you can spread the fees.

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Thanks for the info Joe. Yeah seems to be crazy shipping on most items, think I’ll try a few more UK sites. Thanks

What is it that you are looking for?

It was just stuff for our daily driver so I’m sure I’ll get sorted locally.

Those shipping costs have gone totally out of proportions… 3SX have a few things I would like, and I added them to the shopping basket, but when the shipping price came up it totally baffled me… The cost of shipping was 300% more then the items costed, and they were items that could fit into an envelope, so yeah… Until those shipping prices are sorted, then it just is not worth purchasing anything from the states, unless you purchase in bulk, a container or something like that

Have You tried contacting 3sx regarding shipping to see if they can do anything better ?

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Yeah, wrote to them 2 times, and then all of a sudden this happend when I try to order from them:

Wrote to them asking why that is, because I have ordered 5 times from them before using the same adress and have not changed anything and have not gotten any reply from them.

Just for Information as of 1/1/21 the threshold before VAT and customs duty (which was £15 GDP) has been reduced to Zero as the £15 threshold was something agreed by the EU and we are obviously no longer a member, so anything imported is now subject to VAT and Customs Duty whatever the purchase price.

If buying from the USA some company’s are set up to Charge you the VAT and customs Duty at point of sale and pass it on to the UK Exchequer this does away with the hold up in customs in the UK and also means that the courier price quoted is to your door, so its worth checking if the seller you are dealing with has this facility.


I purchased an antenna from ebay sent over from the US in August. The antenna cost £35.00 - postage £12.00 and I had to pay Royal Mail £19.00 before they would deliver it.

A while back i bought a whole bunch of Yamaha parts for my R6 from Partzilla in US. as the UK prices vs US prices were ridiculous… here was 3 times what US were charging.

I have to take my hat off to whoever packed them and did the documents at Partzilla, as they put everything down as “gift” :rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Incredible service