Interior floor mats

Hi all, does anyone know of a company that’s sells quality custom floor mats? I got ones off the internet a while ago and was disappointed at how thin they were and turned up at the sides in no time. Thanks.

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Here you go spursman, the company is called Coverdale, see link below

@Spursman Contact Dave_Naxton ( DPN Professional Car Valeting and Detailing ) on GTOUK forum he does very good quality mats for our cars !

Thanks for the reply guys.

gonna try these items tomorrow and see how it goes.

Thanks for the info!

I tried contacting that company 2 times and not gotten any reply, so I dont know how serious how they are.

I have my originals and I might try to restore them as best I can. They aren’t to far gone but I believe there may be a way. Is there a place known to do that kind of work?

I just ordered some off from a company called Velourtex™ Custom Fit Floor Mats by Lloyd and I was really happy with them. They’re pretty plush and they custom make em according to the cars dimensions. They fit like a glove.